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Hi! My name is Tina, and I am a 700HR certified yoga teacher, with over a decade of teaching experience. Yoga has been a transformative force throughout my adult life. My aim is to be a resource for others the way my teachers have been for me. 

Here I am excited to share offerings learned and integrated over the years through books, workshops, trainings and thousands of hours both on and off the mat. As many of you know I love to travel, but this means I am not always in the studio teaching. Thus this landing space is an opportunity to connect with you from afar. It is my commitment to the continuity of a regular practice regardless of where we are in the world.

The content here is a compilation of teachings learned from years of study. Much of my knowledge has been adopted from my teacher’s teachings, which were passed down by their teachers. I am honored to be a vessel of wisdom that continues the Sri Vidya lineage. Therefore sharing with you the traditional teachings of Yoga that have changed my life.

I wish for this site’s content to be as much a conversation as it is a space for learning.  So, I invite you to get curious and to ask questions! Let us explore all facets of the practice, and expand our capacities of living a stable yet dynamically vibrant life.

~ Tina