I am not my thoughts

Do you ever get caught up in a barrage of thoughts? Or get lost in the deep contemplations of the most random stuff? Does this ever lead you to believe that you are less than?

I too get caught up in the cyclical patterns of thought. Am equally susceptible to negative self talk. Thoughts, emotions and insecurities barrage my brain and have hijacked too many situations to count. Which is why this age-old contemplation of ‘I am not my thoughts, I am that which experiences the mind thinking’, so helpful. We are able to detach from the negative self talk, as this is who I am, to this is what I am thinking at this moment.

It is all too easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of telling ourselves stories that are untrue. But once said these stories can repeat for hours, days, months even, and take a serious toll on our confidence and self worth. The more we repeat this phrase the harder it is to detach from that false truth. For the brain takes what is repeated as truth.

Pattern Interrupt

How do we stop this downwards spiral before it gets out of control? By reminding ourselves that ‘I am not my thoughts, I am that which experiences the mind thinking’. Or, find an action to break the mental pattern. Dr. Joe Dispenza has a practice called tapping, which locates a specific series of points on the body in which you tap, simultaneously deconstructing the negative emotion or thought pattern. My teacher Carl Massey shared this pattern interrupt with me during a session we had once, and its super cool! (though really awkward to perform while in public lol).

Personally I have found meditation to be the key. For meditation has the capacity to connect us to a spectrum larger than our physical bodies. I credit a regular meditation practice, infused with mantra, to have unlocked a level of calm awareness and a zest for living authentically as myself, never felt before. In the past I’ve used meditation to find mental clarity, but been left with a lack of vibrant energy to pursue life. These days utilizing kriya meditations paired with a mantra has shifted everything. Especially when used for an extended period of time these potent practices can have a huge impact.

I’ve used the same meditation and mantra for multiple 40 day practices in the past year and seen/felt a noticeable difference in the stability of my mind and a get up and go energy that I have been lacking. So, whether it’s repeating a phrase, using a pattern interrupt or finding a meditation and mantra that fuels you, remember, you are the only you can be, and you are perfect just the way you are!

– Tina

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