Online Classes!

Ask and you shall receive. Online classes coming to YOU, where ever YOU are! 

Now bare with me here, as this is something I am just venturing into. It’s a steep learning curve, and I’m doing my best.

In order to create content that you LOVE and want to continue utilizing, please leave / share any feedback that you have. Because in reality this content is for YOU, so let me know how I can improve for future recordings. 

XO Tina

Class Description: A grounding class of forward folds and twists, which focuses on lengthening the exhale. The challenge is to slow down and find an inner stillness in held postures. May the force be with you!

Class Details:

  • Time: 42 Minutes
  • Ability: All Levels
  • Props: Block, Blanket, or Bolster

Class Description: This 70 minute practice lifts heavy energy from the heart space, while keeping you grounded and stable in the body and mind. We will finish with a healing meditation in the heart. Enjoy!

Class Details:

  • Time: 70 Minutes
  • Ability: All Levels
  • Props: Block or Water Bottle, Blanket or Bolster, Strap or Towel

Stay tuned for more videos to come!

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And for your listening pleasure…Pranayama and Meditations

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