Why do I (love to) teach Yoga?

My first yoga class was in 2002. We were on the second floor of the Mount Mansfield Ski Club sprawled out on the carpet, with plenty of space between the 9 mats that lay on the floor. The teacher was pregnant, and yet her strength, agility and flexibility impressed us all. 

As teen ski racers, with over developed fast twitch muscles, we were tight to say the least! The class was filled with the moaning and groaning of young adults trying to yield their bodies into foreign shapes. But there was something about the teacher, and her sense of calm patience throughout our outburst of giggles that intrigued me. 

Her practice was both stable and strong. 

This was a new challenge both mentally and physically. My ego was definitely playing a part in seeing just how far I could go into a pose, or long I could hold without whining or coming out. I mean we’re teen athletes after all, competition is what we lived for!

Fast forward 18 years, and here I am, immersed in a practice that has given me so much. 

Literally I am who I am today because of Yoga. It has helped me heal Degenerative Disc Disease in my L3-L5, get over knee injuries (which there’ve been plenty) as well as supported me during times of depression, anxiety, anger, confusion and uncertainty as well as increased my capacity to receive, to love and to care for others. Yoga is the daily routine that keeps me calm and compassionate amidst turbulence, and has helped me connect to a much deeper part of Self than I knew existed. 

And this is why I teach. 

I teach so that others may have the opportunity to dive into their own study of self. To learn about themselves, to grow and to expand into better versions of themselves.

Because that is what Yoga has given me, and it has the power to do that for anyone who commits to the practice. 

As a lifelong student of Yoga, there is SO MUCH to learn from studying any of the lineages out there. And, even though I no longer practice the powerful, hot vinyasa styles that got me hooked, I acknowledge that strong physical practices can be the gateway to something much bigger. There are many pathways that can funnel us towards a deeper practice. Therefore, it is our desire to evolve, to choose what challenges us, to truly look inwards, that guides us on a path of self discovery. 

For as the tantric tradition says, self knowledge is the precursor to self love.

And it is my dharma to inspire and be of service to those willing to walk on the path to self love. So, if you’re on the road already, or if you’re new to the journey, let me know how I can be of service to you. Is it Yoga, Meditation, or talking something through?

I am here for YOU! 

Because in all reality I just love helping people!! It is what brings me the most joy in the world. Just remember, I’m here for you. Seriously, whether in person or virtually, I’m always here.

XO – Tina

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