Why Tantric Hatha?

WHY TANTRA? OK, let’s first address the big elephant in the room here! I recognize where your thoughts go when I say Tantra; to sex. A normal inference, as this is the mainstream understanding of the word. And, though pleasure is a vital component to living a fulfilling life, you won’t find such physical practices explored here.

SO WHAT IS TRANTRA? The word can be broken down into its root words, TAN and TRA. Tan is to stretch, expand, and accelerate. Tra is to move beyond limits, to protect. Hence, tantra is the cultivation of inner power, which accelerates the burning of limitations that bind us to mediocrity. Yup, it’s that powerful!

Yoga is one of the oldest sciences there is and there is no denying its track record. Note when I speak of Yoga I am speaking to the grandeur picture which includes the physical asanas, pranayama, meditation, mantra, Ayurveda and more. Yoga as a methodology shines a light within us, awakening our inner seeing and self-knowledge. For thousands of years Yoga has been passed down from teacher to student with Kavi, or whispered wisdom. These time-tested teachings give us the ability to tap into the infinite river of energy and wisdom. Therefore, it is Tradition that gifts these practices and meditative experiences otherwise in accessible to us as modern day yogis.

‘Tradition is the heart. Tradition brings practice to life in a meaningful, time-tested way, a way that we can depend upon for our own personal practice.’

– OCTAVIO SALVADO of The Practice

Some practices of yoga bring us closer to our purpose. For me, Tantric Hatha Yoga is such a practice. For years I have been on the wanderlust search for my purpose. I have continuously shown up to dive deep, with a sense of humble vulnerability on and off the mat. What I respect about this practice, is how we are led, and even encouraged to rub against our edge, to truly shine the light on the core of ourselves. It is our willingness to be open enough to view ourselves without judgment that matters. We are who we are today, because of our past. In order to fuel our future and to evolve, we need to extract the nutrient rich lessons from our experiences and assimilate them into our lives. Thus creating space for new: opportunities, experiences, etc.

Tantra teaches us the power and wisdom in seeing, sensing or feeling our inner landscape of energy. So, are you ready to get curious, to dive deep, and to awaken your true essence? Let us embark on this journey together!


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